Serpents of Shiva • Self-Titled 7" • Pre-Order

Serpents of Shiva started in 2009 when brothers Jay Galvin and Scott Vogel collaborated on new music for the first time since their previous early 90s project “Slugfest.” Jay had recently written and tracked some songs and sent them to Scott, who immediately responded to the eerie energy and dark vibe. Once Scott found out Jay didn’t have anyone on deck to sing, he insisted that he track the vocals when he was back in Buffalo for the Christmas holiday. Once home, the two promptly booked time with producer Doug White at Watchmen Studios to finish the songs. The songs have been sitting in a vault for the last 12 years; in the madness of shuffle of life the songs were somewhat lost into the abyss, until now! The songs are now available on vinyl and wherever you stream music.

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