So you wake up one morning and ponder what got you to this point - you think about the time you played Red Rocks, you think about all those tours you did from arena’s with Sublime, theatres with The Wailers, clubs with Bad Brains. You think about going to Jamaica and recording with Steel Pulse. You think about the phone call when Lee Scratch Perry called you up and asked you to be the band leader in his backing band. You then think about that major label record deal you signed once and you strap on your one life extravagance, your $350 dealer boots that you bought in London Town and head out into the murky underbelly of the Washington DC ‘open mic’ scene to play your songs to empty bars, sharing the stage with desperate civil servants, government spooks, press secretaries and lobbyists all paying penance for their day jobs. You don’t reveal your big secret to any of them that you are leaving in three weeks for your debut solo tour of Europe opening for two 90’s Rock stars you know nothing about. You go to Europe and rent a $28 dollar per day mini van that is converted into the worlds worst RV. Sweden goes amazing - sold out. The world is now your oyster. A pandemic hits and your dip shit president, aided by your stage sharing open mic (day time) bureaucrats close down all American borders. You find yourself stuck in Europe so you drive yourself to Manchester, England and wallow in the misery of streets tarmac’d by The Smiths and Joy Division and check into a recording studio. Each morning you call the airline and the embassy - ‘is today my day to get back to DC?’ - ‘Nope?’ - ‘OK - Press record’ You finally make it home and you have a bunch of new material in the can. You turn down the one job that is offered to you (working the graveyard shift as a DJ at Washington DC’s nicest strip club and on alternating nights, at the districts worst one) and instead focus your time hanging out with your friend Rona Rawls at the infamous African Diaspora warehouse / cultural center / clothing label - Adawoa Kwabena, working on music. You get another friend Deborah Bond (from the legendary British soul / r&b band Incognito) involved and you form the indivisible trio Metaphysical Change together. You set about trying to create the world’s first Soul-Ghanian, Country and Western, Americana, Psychedelic Pop band. Soon thereafter, your musician friends, far and wide – from members of My Chemical Romance to Blackberry Smoke to the American Classical Orchestra to The Wallflowers hear the music and they all want in. You send it to three time Grammy winner Vance Powell - he suggests that he should be pressing record and you get to work down in Nashville. In the period since the March lockdown, the three of you successfully write and record the definitive Soul-Ghanian, Country and Western, Americana, Psychedelic Pop record. You sign a deal and...........

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