SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS • Out Of Light • Clear W/ Blue, Gold & Black Splatter • Limited to 100

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Out of Light

Half Blue/Half Black W/ Black And Gold Splatter
Limited to: 100

Track List:
01. Nightmare (feat. Spencer Charnas)
02. The Dark (feat. Noah Sebastian)
03. To the Unknown (feat. Vaines)
04. Until You Come Back (feat. Matt MacDonald)
05. Knock it all Down (feat. LiL Lotus)
06. New Morning (feat. Cove Reber)

07. Omens (feat. Spencer Chamberlain)
08. Black Hole (feat. Donovan Melero)
09. I Wanna Know (feat. Jesse Cash)
10. Escape from My Reality (feat. MOD SUN)
11. Endlessly Yours (feat. Tyler Posey and phem)
12. For Atlas (feat. Michael Swank)

Pressing Limit: 100 • Half Blue/Half Black W/ Black And Gold Splatter

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Album release date is May 27th, 2022 

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